Silver Palm Spa and Resort asked me to provide hotel photography last month for their website and marketing. As the hotel is newly built and opened a couple of weeks ago, photography was required to cover all components of the property including sunset exteriors, food, rooms, general vistas etc. Lighting was such an important element for this shoot, especially for the product shots and room interiors as natural and superficial lighting is required to achieve the perfect end result.

I really enjoy photographing hotels and resorts in Kenya as they embody their own unique charm and character. As photographer, you are privy with the hotel all to yourself which allows you to cover everything without diluting quality. Silver Palm Spa and Resort really utilized the Swahili and Arabic theme right the way through from the exteriors to the room interiors in the interior design.

Silver Palm Spa and Resort is owned by two brothers and you can see the personal touches and attention that has been put into the hotel. The staff pay close attention to guests and the presentation of drinks and food. Product photography played a large part in this shoot as I also photographed their food and drinks that will be on offer to guests. The hotel is truly beautiful and stands out as a glowing beacon along the Kenyan coast putting Kenya on the map as a tourist destination which boasts high customer service.

Visit Silver Palm Spa and Resort’s website here